Route 44 Signs Las Vegas 

Route 44 Signs was started by an Air Force Veteran's daughter out of her love for painting and design, those who Serve, and the United States. Route 44 Signs is a design house and  Artist Studio located in Las Vegas Nevada. The artists from Route 44 Signs take great pride in designing and creating One of A Kind signs and artwork. At Route 44 Signs your intention is our invention. We are United States strong  Las Vegas locals and have a passion for uniqueness  and creative, innovative, artwork meant to inspire and put a smile on the faces of those who receive these one of a kind pieces.  No two pieces will ever be alike and each is designed and crafted to have an element and theme mimicking the beauty of nature. Many people think these One of A Kind  pieces are made of stone or glass but they are  actually hand painted to look this way . They are lightweight and durable and best of all since they are painted the sky is the limit with color combinations. Any logo or design can be replicated and accentuated with this unique painting process so it really makes the possibilities endless.  

Each sign or piece of art can be customized and personalized for each individual or business logo and branding and they stand out because they are uniquely One of A Kind. These pieces of art are  handcrafted with love in the USA by local artisans and made with the utmost attention to detail and all products used on our military plaques are sourced from American manufacturers.  You can rest assured that great pride is taken in the workmanship and each piece is carefully thought out from conception to completion. We have been doing artwork in  Las Vegas for many years and have graphic design capability , drawing, drafting , painting and woodworking skills, and interior design experience as well. Let Route 44 signs make you a beautiful piece of art for your home or business.

We have additional  artwork separated into various collections to include hats, and signs, and photography and we will always be coming up with fun and different projects available for personal use or gifts. If you have an idea and need some help making it a reality let us know and we can  customize a plan and work with you to create something extra special and One of a Kind made in the USA  by local artists.